May 13th + 14th
São paulo • brazil


In the 70’s the euphoric Disco Age took over the musical world with its surrounding rhythm, moody dances, exaggerated fashion, musicality with chewing gum melodies and ability to produce effects on the mind and body of the ones who threw themselves on the dance floor. Since then the “disco music” has never left the map and now-a-days, mixed with electronic music and seduced by tropical air, is MARISCO’s main host!

The festival created by the Brazilian label MAREH, made history in 2016 by uniting sacred monsters of our music, like the trio of Funk Jazz Azymuth and the instrumentalist and composer Marcos Valle, in the same line-up of some of most hippies deejays and producers of the electronic worldwide, such as Daniel Wang, Soichi Terada, Antal, Tim Sweeney, Eric Duncan, Ray Mang and Selvagem.

In its second edition, MARISCO, besides the sharp curatorship and impeccable production a la MAREH, wants to raise the experience for an even more comprehensive immersion in the culture of electronic music, encompassing cinema, photography and debate panels with the most engaged journalists in the scene, record store and of course, lots of music.

The line-up is explosive with the almost unprecedented in Brazil and pioneers of the Brazilian funk groove, Eumir Deodato Quartet and Black River Band, that will share the show with the British quintet Crazy P and the Danish band Laid Back, both debutantes in the tropics, besides the old school deejays Chez Damier of Chicago, house music’s cradle, the British Red Greg, Eric Duncan from NYC and a team of malicious brazudas disc jockeys with after-party feelings!

“The sleeping shrimp is washed away by the wave…“

Don’t you dare to sleep! Come shake at MARISCO!


  • Eumir DEODATO Quartet

    The self-educated pianist, arranger and Brazilian music producer, Eumir Deodato, was one of the main precursors of Bossa Nova movement and samba jazz effervescence in the beginning of the 60’. His brilliant career is marker by names highly consecrated worldwide, such as Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Kool & The Gang and Marcos Valle. Currently, this monster worked in almost 500 discos, wrote soundtrack for several movies and was winner in many prizes, being one of those prizes a Grammy that considered Eumir “an international persona in the North-America music market.”

  • Black Rio Band

    Nature from Rio de Janeiro (Carioca) and based on samba and funk-groove, Black Rio Band was raised in the 70’ and brought full-bodied metal arrangements to harmonically mix with Brazilian rhymes. Since then, they became an important reference to the world of music and won earned respect of reputed artists, such as MosDef, Incognito band, among others. Black Rio bet in jazz and funk fusion combining gafieira samba and conquering their own space In the music market.

  • Crazy P LIVE

    Who’d have thought it? Six albums in and Crazy are stronger and more relevant than ever. Funny how the tides of time turn, and how the sounds of a typically British type of house and disco - which The P have been forerunning for the last 15 years - are now more du jour then ever before. Way before the rise in prominence of disco, house and soulful pop from the likes of Todd Terje, Disclosure or Jessie Ware, Crazy P have spearheaded the revival (and perpetuation) of these sounds since 1997.

    Their status as respected, vital players has maintained throughout nearly 20 years, and with the bright future of ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’, they remain leading lights worthy of yet more recognition.

  • Laid Back LIVE

    Way back in the seventies, Tim Stahl and John Guldberg met in a band
    called The Starbox Band and soon found out that there was a special
    chemistry between them. They were always the ones left that kept on
    jamming when band rehearsals ended. After a disaster of a support gig for
    The Kinks in Copenhagen, where people walked out on them, the band split up.

    New technology came as a revolution to musicians in the mid-seventies:
    multi-track tape recorders, rhythm boxes and synthesizers. In a backyard
    downtown Copenhagen, John had set up a small studio where they began
    jamming together and do tape recordings. They soon realized that they had created a new sound, a new way of making music.

    The debut album “Laid Back” with their first #1 hit “Maybe I'm Crazy” was
    of 1982 in Denmark. In 1983 it then went on to be a huge hit in Italy, and
    after several earlier attempts, that song began climbing up German charts
    and finally reached #1, selling more than 750,000 singles. Soon, “Sunshine
    Reggae” went #1 in 22 countries around the World and having so far sold
    more than 20 million units, compilations included.

    In the USA, the focus was however on another song, “White Horse”, which
    became a #1 Dance track and trendsetter for many other artists. When their US record company told them “don't come, people think you are black”, Tim and John saw it as the biggest acknowledgement a musician could ever get and stayed away...

    Today, “White Horse” is known for being a benchmark cornerstone of the
    electronic music-making in the Eighties, having been sampled over and over again and becoming a true classic. Another outstanding song is “Bakerman”, a big hit in 1990 and known for the skydiver video by the world-known Danish film director Lars von Trier.

  • Red Greg

    Grew up in East London and got his first taste of DJ'ing around '85 after gathering a few records and listening to local sound systems and dj mix tapes from Froggy (RIP) and Derek B. (RIP) who were both DJs at his local club. Shortly afterwards he started playing Funk, Soul, Rare Groove, Go Go, House and Acid, however his love affair with Disco & Boogie didn't start until a few years later in '88.

    With an ever-growing collection and passion for the underground sound he met DJ Louis Heel at a London gig and the two launched their own club night, 'Ebonite'
    Darren's depth of knowledge, diggin' passion and technical ability has led to worldwide DJ gigs including the revered NYC party 'Love Chant', plus Paris' 'Mona', 'Club Sandwich' and the legendary 'Maxim's'.

  • DJ Nuts

    Born and raised in São Paulo, Rodrigo Velloso Teixeira or DJ Nuts started along with the Hip Hop culture explosion in the end of the 80’s, when, as a child, he learned how to play in his father’s disco player, not stopping anymore. Important musician of Brazil marked his career, such as Marcelo D2, Herbert Viana, Seu Jorge, among many others. Known as LPS and compact’s collector, he can be seen as an authority of rare Brazilian music.

  • Felipe Venâncio

    27 years on track, the DJ, producer and remixer Felipe Venancio is considered one of the most important and respected names of national house music. His sets with great musical taste and full of culture create an interesting atmosphere for those that love the dance floor, going far beyond the beats and trends, reaching an energizing state of mind.

  • Selvagem

    Duo formed by Millos Kaiser and Trepanado that take turn hosting parties in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, acclaimed as one of the best of both cities. Their music channels an anarchist style, mixed to disco, house, rock, techno, funk and soul of all times and places.

    As producers, they have launched their first 12" in 2013, called Discoteca Alucinante, along with the Brazilian disco edits by Tim Sweeney label, the B.I.S. Inc. Since then, they have also launched from lots of other labels such as Universal Cave, Hello Sailor, Barefoot Beats (Mareh Music) and Disco Halal.

  • Joutro Mundo

    Joutro Mundo aka Jonas Rocha, acts for over 17 years as one of the main forces of Rio de Janeiro’s underground music scene. Idealizer of a roots rescue project dedicated to Brazilian music, with aim of overcoming preconceptions and working closer to contemporary music, Joutro Mundo has been claimed by the international scene with Nu-Disco & Re edits with releases and remixes of labels worldwide and in Brazil. Alone or with his projects Joutro Mundo and Superágua, he is considered an important reference when it comes to good elecronic music.

  • Eric Duncan

    Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks, New York dj and producer, and even if half of the legendary duos Rub-n-Tug and DFA Still Going, still that tireless party rock person, independent of the Project he is in.
    In his producer career, Eric has already remixed tracks of important artists, such as Roxy Music, Zero 7, LCD Soundsystem, Coldplay, Todd Terje, Grace Jones, Chic Chic Chic and The Beastie Boys, among others.
    In the past two years Eric was on the road, traveling worldwide, as a true gypsy, playing his repertoire able to set any dance floor on fire.
    However, it’s specifically in Brazil that Eric spends most of his time with memorable presentations, such as in the last Mareh festivals, becoming a member of Mareh’s family.

  • Tahira

    With more than 20 years of career, the DJ, producer and musical searcher, Tahira, presents an eclectic and informative discography, mixing genres and epochs, since traditional sounds to electronic blends. With strong influences of African, Latin, Brazilian, Jazz, Funk 70s and Soul music, compliments of legendary Djs such as Francos K, Gilles Peterson, and releases of remixes by labels like Far Out (London) and Names You Can Trust (New York), currently he is considered one of the deejays most active in and out the country.

  • Roger Weekes

    With a career of 36 years, born and raised in London and living in Brazil for 18 years already, Roger started his career influenced by the universe of music that inhabited his home with his dancers brothers and surrounded by a soundtrack of Black, Jazz e Disco music. His favorite music genres are Techno but always with Soul. It is worthy mention that in his career he has played in international festivals and as official Dj of Jamiroquai Band for many years.

  • Carrot Green

    A guitarist, that became a house producer, born in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Galda aka Carrot Green, improves the experience in the clubs with a good moody supported by live instruments, his base line and 808 strokes.

  • Rafael Cancian

    Founder of About Disco Records, Rafael spreads the name of his Country, Brazil, and the Disco in all his tours between Europe and North America. Along with About Disco Records, Rafael received support of some of the main important names as Greg Wilson, Frank Booker, Faze Action, Max Essa, among others that have already played some of his productions.

  • Balako

    Balako is a pair of producers, composers and carioca DJs (from Rio de Janeiro), full of love, dubious hugs and mouth-corner kiss. Diogo Strausz and Rodrigo Peirão, embark on an incessant journey seeking for orgasmic sonority and beats that provoke the “balakobako” in the dance floors. Their selection mix Salsa, Disco music, Techno, Acid, Chicago & NY House, Fusion, Carimbó, Candomblé touches, keeping the exclusivity of their inspiring set.

  • Saideira LIVE

    Saidera is an international sound. Orbiting California, NYC, and Rio de Janeiro, the trio dances between Samba-disco, and afro-melody. Their banging bongos, lazy clave and Carioca crooning are reinforced by synths and driving electronics. Come cruise with us.

  • Ray Mang
  • Dicky Trisco
  • X-Press 2

    "X-Press 2 make music for the dance floor. Pure and simple. So many nights and days and 25 years of being in and DJing at amazing clubs and parties are what inspires us to keep doing what we do. It was the dance floor that told us to be DJs in the first place and the dance floor that inspired the early tracks that we made. We loved that whole going out and hearing all sorts of music in one night thing. DJs like Alfredo and Larry Levan were champions of this style of DJing and it was thanks to people like them that we were able to do what we've done over the years. The old guard are still an inspiration for our music, both as DJs and producers but we are constantly checking for new names who always come along and give things a slightly different slant on what's gone before. I think it's a combination of the old and the new that truly underpins our music nowadays. we can listen to and old jazz album from the 60s next to a hot new track from someone like Feygin and feel totally blown away. This is what keeps us going into the studio and making the music that we do. All that we've ever wanted to do out of our music is to see people dance and get that empathy with the dance floor, knowing how a track makes us feel and seeing it have the same effect on 2000 people dancing as you play it." (Rocky - X-Press 2011)



What roots a scene in a city? What are the elements that generate these space-time realities which appear to function solely as creative communities but actually goffer the urban fabric in such peculiar ways? What nurtures and drives them?

These are some of the questions that animate much of what has been written and said about the arts for more than a century now and keep on intriguing not only all those interested in its functioning, but also those who care about its survival. And these are the same ones that guide this film series that are now a part of Marisco Festival in its latest edition.

Since music is the very terrain where these themes find their most fertile ground in each metropolis and is the essence of the festival, we thought of compiling a series of short films produced by Resident Advisor that will help us envisage the scenes from other cities, as lively and complex as our own in São Paulo, so we can better think about what we live and build within it.

So, we would like to invite you all for these sessions and discussions that are just a new part of what Marisco has always been: a happening that unveils to us new forms of exploring and experiencing the city through music, via new forms of dancing, new forms of listening, new forms of seeing and new forms of understanding these singular times we currently live in.


Music goes beyond a ser of sounds we simply listen to. It transits between the world of art and provides us freedom to express ourselves. It creates cultural universes, that besides its various tribes, has the power to disseminate unexpected meetings. This complex set of habilities, knowledge, custom and human habits overcomes our limits and make us not only listen to the music, but also see its outreach when felt by our bodies, and keeping us wanting to be surrounded of it all the time. Thinking about that and seeking how to expand your musical experience in MARISCO, we will present a exhibition of the photographer spelialized in the local and best dancefloors, Felipe Gabriel, along with a cool record store with remarkable vinyls and MAREH items for you to dance and dress to impress!


If you are one of those people that relate festivals to poor gastronomic options, you will be happily surprised about MARISCO! We could put together not only hungry with hunger, but also quality and variaty to give that extra boom! Sandwiches of all types, from the most healthy and veggie one to the most hard cores will be waiting for you! All of it also considering the practicality of eating with your hands and standing by your feet, avoiding traumas, so you won’t loose not a single minute of our massive line-up.


FULL R$ – R$ 150,00
HALF R$ – R$ –



13 de MAIO
11 hrs Doors open
14 hrs Cine Marisco + TALKS

14 de MAIO
11 hrs Doors open
14 hrs Cine Marisco + TALKS

13 de maio . 11 hrs
cine marisco
Eumir Deodato Quartet
Lady Back Live
Ron Trent
Felipe Venâncio
Carrot Green

14 de maio . 11 hrs
Cine Marisco
Black Rio band
Crazy P Live
Chez Damier
Joutro Mundo